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Logistical Solution

Lowering costs with logistic solutions

A community mill near customers

  • As opposed to inter-island shipping, SteelAsia’s regional locations create huge savings for consumers who can pick up products from their community mill instead of having to ship from Manila.
  • Tedious and time consuming arrangement of sea freight and its cost impacts are eliminated.

One stop shop

  • SteelAsia rebar warehouses carry all rebar grades, sizes and lengths, eliminating the costly practice of multiple mill sourcing.
  • Loading points just outside of main city centers steer trucks away from time and money consuming traffic congestion.

Drive thru depot

  • Warehouse designed as a drive thru to cut loading time by up to 90%.

JIT delivery

  • Customers need not be burdened by having to store rebar at their construction sites which incurs space and operation cost as well as the cost of money. SteelAsia warehouses requirements and delivers just in time at no additional cost.



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