Cebu Works


Cebu, Region 7 (Central Visayas)


The Cebu Works is an upcoming rolling mill project of SteelAsia and will be called M8.  It will be commissioned in 2017 and will be the largest and most modern rebar manufacturing facility in the Visayas region. 

As a mission, SteelAsia has always endeavored to provide customers with quality rebar at the needed scale and most economical price. M8’s customer centric location is beneficial at micro-level, alleviating the customers of the cumbersome cost of shipping steel bar from the metro to the provinces, and macro-level, preventing the Visayas’ development from being hampered. M8 is conceptualized to augment the rebar production of M4 and strengthen the supply of steel bars in the Visayas for their growing development projects. M8 shall have a capacity of 800,000 metric tons of rebar a year.

M8 shall be fitted with equipment such as a highly efficient 120-ton per hour walking beam furnace, twin high-speed block mills that are low maintenance and fast size-changing, and high-accuracy rebar counting bundling.  It will also feature such breakthrough technologies in rolling stands.  Stands have no external piping for higher safety and lower maintenance, and have an automatic stand changing system to give it the capability to change size in a few minutes.

The mill will feature eco-friendly AC motors, rainwater collection as a water source, zero effluent and zero external oil application, and a solar energy power system.

Cebu Works is a realization of SteelAsia’s mission to be part of the solution. As an industry leader, SteelAsia finds ways to prevent delays in construction that propels national development.  The mill is anticipation of the country’s infrastructure and housing developments and will play a pivotal role in keeping the growth momentum, avoiding shortages and assuring the consuming public of safe steel and a clean environment.

Products and Services

Cebu Works will offer:

  • PNS211 Rebar (sizes 6mm to 8mm, length 6M)
  • PNS49 Rebar (sizes 10mm to 50mm, lengths 6M to 15M)
    • Grade 415 (ASTM Grade 60) regular and weldable
    • Grade 275 (ASTM Grade 40) regular and weldable
    • Grade 230 (ASTM Grade 33) regular and weldable
  • Cut and bend services
  • Mechanical coupler and threading services

Technical Description

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