Davao Works

Location: Purok 17 Bunawan District, Davao City, Region 11 (Davao Region, Mindanao)


Davao Works, also known as M5, is home to the Philippines' largest and most modern steel mill. It was commissioned in 2014 as one of two mills in the Mindanao region (the other being SteelAsia's M6 in Misamis Oriental).

The mill is state-of-the-art and among the most modern in the world. It features the latest productivity, energy conservation, environmental impacts, and operational health and safety technologies. It is an Italian-designed and supplied mill. The mill is the first Philippine mill to be able to process 150mm x 150mm billets, a more economical spec, and a world standard today. M5 is the first Philippine mill to use AC motors which are power efficient, low noise, and maintenance equipment. The mill also features a twin tungsten carbide monoblock that can produce PNS 211 7mm and 8mm bars. M5 is also the first Philippine mill to have rotating drum technology. 

The environmental features of M5 are noteworthy. It consumes 150,000 cubic meters of water and sources the vast quantity exclusively from rainwater collected from the Work's roofing and road system and stored in a reservoir. There is zero effluent draining into the environment as 100% of wastewater is recycled, treated, and re-used in operations. There is zero seepage of oil into the ground. The lubrication of machinery is through a closed system that combines air and oil and is distributed through hydraulics. Like SteelAsia's other mills, automation and other technologies also ensure energy conservation and the lowest possible particulate emission.

When SteelAsia started M5 operations, Davao buyers saw rebar costs reduced by over PHP 1,500 (USD 35) per ton. Davao-based consumers and distributors no longer needed to 'import' rebars from Manila, as the region had its rebar mill, which could be accessed for picked-up orders 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Besides the lower rebar cost, the impact was immediately felt by the region's business community as the mill created an economic activity for logistics, operations supply and jobs, and port activity.

Davao Works offers:

  • PNS49 Rebar (sizes 10mm to 50mm, lengths 6M to 15M)
    • Grade 415 (ASTM Grade 60) regular and weldable
    • Grade 275 (ASTM Grade 40) regular and weldable
    • Grade 230 (ASTM Grade 33) regular and weldable
  • PNS211 Rebar (sizes 7mm and 8mm)

Technical Description:
Davao Works

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