Rebar is the common name for cylindrical shaped steel bars with uniformly spaced protrusions called lugs or deformations. They are hot rolled from semi-finished steel called billets. 

Rebar are the predominantly consumed steel product of the construction industry and are used specifically for concrete reinforcement.  Rebar creates tension in concrete to help hold it in a compressed state.  Reinforced concrete gives infrastructure, buildings, bridges, houses, and other construction the necessary structural integrity as required by Philippine law and building codes.

SteelAsia carries the full line of rebar specifications used in the Philippines.

* "Weldability" refers ONLY to a TS/YS Ratio of greater than 1.25, or a bar intended for seismic conditions.

 It is common nomenclature and a misnomer in that it does not refer to a capability of a bar to be welded or not.



Rebar standards are detailed in the Philippine National Standard for Steel Bars for Concrete Reinforcement PNS49 and for re-rolled bars PNS 211.



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