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Rebar Management Solutions

Leave to SteelAsia what it is best at doing: SteelAsia makes it easy to buy the lowest cost, highest quality rebar anywhere in the Philippines. Rebar management can be “outsourced” to SteelAsia.


SteelAsia is the only rebar company that manufactures ALL the different specifications in the Philippine Standard for rebar.


Customers need not deal with long lead times. Customers need not buy in bulk and store rebar for long periods. SteelAsia provides ANY quantity large or small, and will store it for as long as needed- for free, and have it available when its needed.

One price policy

SteelAsia now has plants in Luzon Visayas and Mindanao. No matter which plant it a customer buys rebar from, it will be the same price as any other plant.
Visayas and Mindanao customers no longer need to ship at a very high cost rebar from Luzon. Cebu customers for example used to pay shipping costs equivalent to shipping from Russia to the Philippines! And Davao customers paid more! But today, the price of rebar in Cebu and Davao is at the same as Metro Manila.

Technical and customer satisfaction support

Whether a homeowner, civil work contractor, property developer or any other rebar buyer, SteelAsia provides buying and technical assistance including advice on standards, bending, testing and all other matters of technical nature.

Cut and bend

Cut and Bend is the system of cutting and bending to install-ready specification within a factory setting. It is a system widely-used system in developed countries. The cut and bend system benefits rebar buyers by majorly reducing the management time and resources needed for rebar works, and by significantly reducing costs by eliminating cutting and error wastage, double-handling, storage and other site costs.
It involves cutting and bending into shapes of exact specification, in a consistently accurate manner using shear lines and power bending machines, as opposed to manual operation.



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