SteelAsia is the flagship steel company of the Philippines, serving the country with over three million tons of rebar per year.

With a presence across the archipelago, our annual production reaches over 3 million metric tons a year, serving the country’s biggest property development companies and public infrastructure projects.

Building a stronger Philippines

SteelAsia Manufacturing Corp. is the Philippines’ flagship steel firm and is among the largest rebar manufacturers in the world.

With an annual production capacity of over three million metric tons and increasing.

6 World-class facilities across the archipelago.

Bringing jobs and opportunities to the countryside, employing even unskilled undergraduates and out-of-school youth

SteelAsia is here for the long haul. We are investing in technology, products, and people to build a world-class Philippine steel industry that meets the demands of a growing economy.

Serving the country since 1965

SteelAsia fuels the Philippine growth story. With an annual production capacity of over three million metric tons and growing, it pursues steel self-sufficiency and national development.

"We believe that world-class quality steel should be readily available anywhere in the country"

Benjamin Yao, Chariman and CEO

Our Vision

Leading the development of a Philippine steel industry - the backbone of a growing economy

Our Mission

We provide our country with world-class steel products and services by innovating and adapting to changing customer needs.

We fulfill our role in nation-building by producing steel locally and enriching communities and the environment.

Our Core Values







"We're proud to do our part in building our nation. This is our main thrust: to serve our country."

Benjamin Yao, Chariman and CEO

Tibay ng Pilipino

Serving the country for over half a century, SteelAsia fuels the Philippine growth story.

SteelAsia manufactures nearly one of every two steel bars installed in construction. It supplies an estimated 80% of the rebar needs for land, air, sea, power, and communications infrastructure. It is the preferred supplier of the largest contractors and property developers in the Philippines.

As the country’s flagship steel company, it has taken the initiative to bring the industry to world-class standards of capacity, technology, management, social inclusiveness, sustainable development, and governance.

A crucial role in national development.

Steel is the mother of industries. SteelAsia is expanding to manufacture products that will induce the development of downstream manufacturing, create a more robust economy and generate tens of thousands of jobs.

Raising the Bar

When SteelAsia expanded and modernized, Philippine developers and builders began to enjoy for, the first time, better and more reliable service. Behind the technology and heavy machinery is an expert and experienced team of customer care specialists. They make sure that they know exactly what you need and more. Only SteelAsia does it all.

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For the Long Term

Strong and stable economic growth requires the support of robust domestic steel production and attention to sustainable development. The country’s growth is spurring rapid industry development. As the industry captain, SteelAsia is helping to shape the future of the Philippine steel industry.

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