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Welded Reinforcing Mesh

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RMesh is widely used as a substitute for commercial bars in walls, slabs, foundations, and footings. It reduces the placement work of a large amount of manual tying and provides more reliable bonding between the steel bars.

RMesh delivers the following advantages to the construction industry:


Bonding between bars is more reliable, reducing the risk of bar dislodgement during concrete pouring.

RMesh standard size promotes social and physical distancing during installation.


Reduced time for placement of reinforcing steel means faster progress.

Shorter project timeline reduces project fixed costs and other risks and uncertainties.

Faster project completion results in earlier revenue generation.


Less labor is required for the placement of the reinforcing steel

No wastage since RMesh is factory-fabricated and customizable for exact placement.

Less site space is needed for onsite steel fabrication.

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