SteelAsia is a provider of total rebar solutions.

Investment in technological solutions has enabled SteelAsia to produce the full specification range of rebar products, creating a one-stop-shop service.

As a manufacturer, we are part of the solution to the country’s growth, expanding to meet the growing needs of the country. SteelAsia has grown into the largest manufacturer of rebar in the Philippines with a total annual production capacity of 2.1 million TPY, and anticipating a multi-decade growth trajectory for the country, has another 2.5 million tons of capacity in its expansion pipeline.

Technology has also helped the company push the cost of rebar down through its productivity, efficiencies, and scale including downstream added value technologies such as crate handling and wastage savings. These advances put our industry and its service capabilities at par with the best in the world.


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  • Cylindrical steel bar with deformations
  • Hot-rolled from semi-finished steel
  • For use in reinforced concrete

Reinforcing bar, or rebar is the common name for steel bars that are hot rolled and is used widely in the construction industry, in particular, for concrete reinforcement. Rebar is most commonly used as a tensioning device to reinforce concrete to help hold it in a compressed state. SteelAsia carries the full line of rebar specifications used in the Philippines.

Cut and bend

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  • Precision cutting and bending
  • Zero wastage
  • Eliminates double handling

This value-added service provides rebars, delivered directly to construction sites, which are correctly sized and shaped to meet specific structural requirements.

Mechanical Couplers

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  • Simplified rebar fixing
  • Cost savings vs. lap splice
  • Coupled joints stronger than rebar

SteelAsia’s mechanical couplers (SA CONNECT) allow you to build efficiently, saving time and material on rebar fixing installation.

Welded Reinforcing Mesh

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  • High strength and reliability
  • Stronger bond vs. tie-wire
  • Zero wastage

SteelAsia is the first and only producer of reinforcing mesh in the country. This criss-cross steel grid is widely used for the foundation of buildings, roads and bridges and has many other applications in construction.

Wire rod

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Coming Soon

SteelAsia’s wire rods will enable the country to locally produce the raw material used in a wide variety of construction and industrial applications.

Steel beams, sheet piles and shapes

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Coming soon

The Philippines’ first medium section mill to produce hot rolled beams, sheet piles and large shapes is envisioned, to replace dependency on imports.

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