Building a Stronger and Sustainable Philippines.

CSR is embedded into our business model. We take our economic, environmental, people and/or social responsibilities to heart in such a way that our CSR programs are integrated into our mission and values evidenced in the ways we operate.


We help create “mini ecological economic zones” by harnessing human and physical resources, promoting best practices, and implementing programs that will preserve and protect our environment.

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csr act img


We take responsibility to help ensure that public health is given priority. We work with our communities to promote health and well-being for all age groups.


SteelAsia recognizes the importance of the youth in the development of our country. As such, we partner with the academe in the development of our youth by providing them opportunities to enhance their skills and knowledge, through steel industry familiarization tours, on-the-job training/internships, and other learning and development programs.

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csr act img


SteelAsia’s mills are part of the communities we are in. Working together with customers, business and household neighbors, local governments, suppliers, and others, SteelAsia empowers its communities by supporting local livelihood programs.

Renewable and Recyclable

SteelAsia endeavors to source power and water from renewable resources. Around 70% of its power requirements are sourced from renewable energy suppliers while rainwater is collected as a primary source of water for operations. SteelAsia recycles water fully, with zero effluent, and no steel wasted, avoiding negative impacts on the community.

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