SteelAsia lives up to its reputation as the flagship steel company of the Philippines

steelasia news image

Photo by: Emman Bernarte

SteelAsia first started exporting rebar in 2019 making the Philippines a steel bar exporter again after several decades. Today SteelAsia continues to do its part in raising the bar for Philippine steel manufacturing by continuing to provide quality rebar to the international market.

SteelAsia assures the quality of its products, being the first steel producer to acquire an Integrated Management System (IMS) certification with its Environment (ISO14001) and Occupational Health and Safety (ISO45001) Management Systems integrated into its Quality Management System (ISO 9001). SteelAsia is also the only company in the Philippines to hold the UK Certification Authority for Reinforcing Steel Bars or UK CARES.

SteelAsia is excited to see Philippine-made rebars used in buildings and infrastructure for the North American markets, known for their high standards and strict quality control. These rebars were exclusively produced to serve the international market, consisting of 18-meter length rebar, a first in the country.

This was made possible by SteelAsia’s dedicated team of seasoned experts operating the most modern mills in the country ensuring that our steel products are at par with the best in the world.

SteelAsia has six manufacturing facilities across the country with an annual capacity of over 2 million tons of rebar.

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