Occupational Health Physician

Main Responsibilities:

  • Promote and maintain the health and well-being of the employees

  • Address immediate medical problems of the employees while inside the plant premises

  • Organize, administer and maintain an occupational health service program integrating therein an occupational safety program

  • Help monitor the work environment for health hazards through periodic inspection of the workplace with the safety committee

  • Prevent diseases and injury in the workplace in the workplace by establishing proper medical supervision

  • Sustain the health of the employees through physical examinations and health education

  • Provide medical and surgical (if applicable) to restore health and earning capacity of sick and injured employees

  • Maintain and analyze records of all medical cases and prepare and submit to the employer the annual medical reports as required by DOLE standards

  • Act as an adviser to management and employees on all health matters


  • Licensed Physician / Doctor

  • Graduate of a training course in occupational health or medicine

  • Able to work in the plant in Calaca, Batangas for at least 12 hours per week and complete at least 48 hours per month

  • Able to accept a part-time or retainer or consultant employment

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